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Connections for Wellness


With the support from the Community Recovery Fund from United Way Centraide Canada, Connections for Wellness is an initiative to innovate the service delivery and program design of wellness programs offered prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Community-based researchers are exploring community needs to design programs for the future.

Connections for Wellness aims to provides hybrid health outreach, education, ongoing support and connection for the community who are experiencing changes in their health, wellness and well-being. Topics can be customized for groups and individuals. The program is accessible at no-cost to the public in a virtual format as well in-person through participating community support centres for greater access to services.

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Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle

An on-demand community outreach program, 'Choices' is offered as a group program of 4 to 8 sessions in drop-in centres, churches, community housing locations, community centres, and libraries. The wellness and health topics can be customized for individuals and groups.

We work with the host organization and potential participants to select topics based on the interests of the participants as well as the availability of presenters.
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The following programs are currently in the research and planning stages; some program offerings are dependant on funding:

  • Connections for Wellness

  • Healthy Connections Guide (For Individuals Living Alone – Tips on Nutrition, Exercise & Safe Socializing) – Shareable PDF

  • Art, Creativity & Wellness programs that engage diverse abilities

  • Intergenerational Mentorship Program

Fundraising Initatives

As a small, volunteer-run organization, we have frequently partnered with the Victoria Community Health Co-operative (VCHC) and other community organizations that provide wellness education, and wellness, health and medical care services to the public.

We presently operate the Health Education Fund, which supports our signature 'Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle' seminar where we provide education and discussion about healthy eating and other lifestyle habits, as well as a healthy snack, for individuals or groups who are underserved in our communities. Other group health programs, such as Hans Kai, are supported by these funds. Future wellness programs are also in development.

We also operate the Health Access Fund to support access to health and wellness treatments and services not covered under BC MSP, such as osteopathy or reflexology, at no cost to the individual. This program is accessible through partnership with other Canadian registered charities.

In 2023, we completed fundraising in support of the Victoria Health Co-operative's Community Nursing Project, which included equipping the clinic space, disposable medical supplies, and health promotion materials for patient/community health education. This fund will continue to support community nursing programs and outreach, and CCWS will continue to partner with organizations who provide healthcare services as opportunities arise.

Other health and wellness programs are in the planning stages and our board applies for grants to support eligible programs/projects.

Hans Kai (Group Learning)

This group-facilitated program is designed to improve social connectedness, physical and mental well-being by teaching participants how to take an active role in monitoring their emotional, social and wellness indicators and engage in healthy activities to manage their own health and wellness as they age.

Hans Kai is a program of the NorWest Co-op: We are delighted that, throughout the program development and delivery, we will have the expertise and guidance from the NorWest Co-op, Winnipeg, the Canadian lead for the program.

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PSR Collaborative & MHSU Navigation Project

This project was completed in March 2024. In July 2023, CCWS partnered with the Greater Victoria Psychosocial Rehabilitation Collaborative (PSRC or PSR Collaborative) to support their established programming which supports mental health and social connections, and increasing access to Mental Health and Substance Use services (MHSU). PSR Collaborative seeks to increase social connectivity and engagement among people living with a mental illness in the Greater Victoria area by 10% (1,000 people) by 2025. In addition to hosting social and educational events, the Collaborative's MHSU Navigation Project has brought organizations together to co-create a single, shared MHSU services navigation and referral system for the South Island: Pathways.

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